2015 TKX2U Gratitude Challenge 

We all deserve to fly this year  …. are you ready to spread your wings, launch your journey and let 2015 exceed even your own expectations.

I’m wondering, if you and I were sitting with a glass of sparkly bubbles on the very last day of this very very special year, what would you like us to be celebrating??? How would you like to be feeling??? What would you like to have experienced?? Big or small, wondrous or simple … the choice for this year is yours dear friend, and there is no right or wrong. Its time to listen to your heart, discover what you truly seek and then set the course of action which will get you there with ease.

Who knows there might be some bumps, roadblocks or even people whom try to get in our way but I know in my heart or hearts if we keep getting back up, climb over the bumps and stand up for what we believe in YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE ….

My mission this year to “Inspire the Impossible” and I am very much hoping you will put on your best costume and join the party.

Lots and lots of unstoppable love coming your way, Kyla xx

PS. this is the year for you … I just know it xxx


Soul Coaching, Kyla Tustin


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