Create Life Change Today, Soul Coach Kyla Tustin

OK, so you are ready to take a journey with me today to Wake Up and Shake Up our lives.

You see I have spent the last 2 days with the most inspirational group of people, all with an EXTRAordinary mission on the earth and most importantly ready, committed and determined to live, learn, grow, take action and create their mission.

Hanging out with these amazing people has lead me to make a pretty big “Wake Up” confession to myself.

Wait for it ……….“For the last 4 years I have been growing my business with lots of passion and purpose but very little focus and direction.”

When I’ve felt into this it reminded me of when you let a balloon go and you know it’s moving upwards but you have no control over where it is going, and with one big gust of wind you could end up in a totally different direction, which has definitely happened a few times.

Now without sounding like I’m giving you my own little sob story of excuses, I know this is also exactly what I needed after feeling a little caged for over 10 years in corporate, and I have still been contributing to the world in my own way, but it’s now time to get serious about my mission and “Shake Up” my business, and my life…. again.

So I have been asking myself (and feel free to join me for your own personal “Shake Up”) “what will this need to look like and what daily actions will I need to take to keep me aligned?” This will definitely need to start with some practical scheduling of priorities but I felt it also needed to go a bit deeper and so that is exactly what I did at home last night.

And guess what …. it has brought me right back to my most favourite subject “self love.” You see I have decided that I need to make an even greater commitment to myself and my mission which may even mean upsetting some people along the way. You see not everyone is as aware of their mission and purpose like you and I, this doesn’t make it better or worse but it just means in a world of “she’ll be right mate” we need to be even more committed and focused on where we are headed to ensure our balloon doesn’t  float out to sea.

No one else can truly understand the importance I place in my heart of contributing to creating positive change in  the world and that makes total sense because they are not me but I need to own it and be committed to it 100%.  Yep that right no more “wishy washy maybe ill just go back to corporate lady.” Its time to get serious on committed action, in the most fun and playful way of course.

This journey over the last few days has also got me thinking about how can I support you to get on track in your own wake up and shake up, not later, not tomorrow, not next year but right now and so here goes ….

Must Do 1:

Open your eyes and heart to what is already within you, around you and EXTRAordinary within your life. Start a “100 EXTRAordinary things in my life list” and everyday re-read it and add at least three things to it. When you have reached 100 keep going or choose something else like, 100 gratitude’s??


Must Do 2:

Do something different that will break the routine and get you outside your comfort zone … now remember KISS(Keep It Super Simple)!! This one can be as small as walking or driving a different way to work or as big as booking a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go


Must Do 3:

STOP right now blaming, complaining or making excuses for your life and JUST DO IT …. with no exceptions


Must Do 4:

Do something for someone else … this may include choosing a charity and donating your time or calling up a friend or family member and seeing if they need  a babysitter or a night out. Sometimes throughout the journey we can get so STUCK in our own stuff we forget about everyone else and CONNECTION and time out is critical to transformation and SELF Love


Must Do 5:

Create a “Daily Acts of SELF Love” ritual and STICK TO IT no matter what. Now this is going to be super personal as your expression of SELF love is going to be totally different to mine.  As well as my daily meditation my other acts are usually fun or physical, like flowers and my favourite exercise class, whereas many people are more reflective, like 5 minutes of morning journaling with a cup of their favourite tea. The choice is yours and the act is less important than the consistency and the intention behind what you are doing.


I can’t wait to hear how you going along the path of your EXTRAordinary life and don’t forget to share your “100 things” and “Daily acts of self love” with the community as we all know accountability is key along our pathway to purpose and freedom. And if you have any hiccups or hurdles pop up along the way jump online and book in a 30min focus session or 90min Breakthrough so that we can clear the path and keep your balloon right by your side.

Sending you lots and lots of love, 100% committed Kyla

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