Kyla Tustin, Soul Coach


Dearest, dearest EXTRAordinary Soul,

I’m a bit excited to share this gift with you today … hence the second email in one week as it just felt like it couldn’t wait. After creating the Monday Musing I was guided to sit down and take a soul journey which I had to record for us all to enJOY and receive the activation and soul reconnection together, and so here it is for you.


Before you listen I would invite you to revisit our mission for this week and really surrender into “who do I choose to BE.” Hint, hint a complete illumination of our soul essence would be a pretty darn amazing intention.

Now Clear + Free = Who do I choose to BE

And even though it doesnt completely sound like a meditation, more like a little soul sharing, I would recommend laying down, palms up and being fully open to receiving as you listen.


This is the first time I have shared a recording like this before, but I get the feeling now that I have created the space within lots more will be on their way and so I would LOVE to hear from you after you have regrounded; with any sharings or experiences you might have throughout it.


Click here or the image below to download the recording.



Much much excitement and love, Kyla

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