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There is a moment in time, when all moments in time collide … when you wake up one day and realise wow “how did April get here??” A stirring begins and you think to yourself, would I be happy if this time next year I was exactly where I am now, experiencing the exact moments, feelings and thoughts I am experiencing right now.


If the answer is YIPPEE of course … then zipa dee do dar, nice work.


If the answer is NO I wouldn’t be happy or I could be happier … then what can you change or do differently today to ensure this won’t be the case. Where are you on this emotional scale today and more importantly where would you like to be?

And yes moving might involve seeking some outside support and that is totally OK, we are all human you know???




And if the answer is hmmm good question, I’m not sure. Then today is your lucky day, sit with this and see what magic arises in your soul of souls wisdom.


You see there really is no “right” no “wrong” no “good” no “bad” answer to this … there is just you being fully fully truthful with yourself in regards BEing ALIVE.


I already know how amazing you are.I’ve seen it in your eyes or felt it in your heart when we connected, but do you??? and if not why not??

There is alot of pondering to be had today, firstly because its Easter Monday and I’m hoping you are relaxing in bed as you read this and secondly … there has been whispers in the energies that a few very EXTRAordinary people have been hiding from their potential and I want you to know if this is you then its time to …


WAKE up, GET up, STAND up, and create your greatest as of today. Even the smallest ripple of positive change today will have long lasting impact on who you are and especially where you find yourself in exactly 12months time. Time and energy are going faster and faster, which means so is our power to manifest, and so we need to be like magical super sleuths to ensure we are manifesting greatness and not more ordinary.

© 2014 Gunther Hang All Rights ReservedImmense, immense, magical love …. I know you’ve got this covered, Kyla




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