Be Extraordinary, Kyla Tustin, Speaker and Soul Coach

REWIND … you are totally not ordinary, you were born to BE EXTRAodinary and live your greatest life RIGHT NOW.

You se we were all placed here to live, learn, grow and to be, do and have an EXTRAordinary life but then something very, very strange happens …. so what is it, well it starts of course with a story???I was at a course a couple of years back and someone asked me what I did for work and I explained that my greatest passion is to open our eyes and hearts to the EXTRAordinary potential inside us. Her response was “have you ever met anyone who didn’t have this potential?” and I will tell you the same thing I told her “EVERYONE has inside them a divine creative potential to be the most EXTRAordinary version of our self and to choose to live our greatest life. If we can’t see it, it is often because we are disconnected from it or we simply get in our own way. It can be blocked because of conditioning, negative beliefs and the ever increasing fear based energy flowing around the world which can hold us ransom to creating the life we were born to live.”

The impact of not seeing our own potential is that we forget to dream, to live and to ask ourselves “why am I here, what is my verse and what do I want to create today in my life?” Can you believe over 70% of people hate their jobs and yet day after day, year after year they continue to turn up and not change anything, crazy hey.

Thinking about all of this today had me reflecting back to this EOFY time in the world and the celebrations or upset we use to have when I worked in investment banking. You see in this world is was all about the $$$$$ Did we meet budget, targets, would people receive bonuses blah blah blah and it made me realise how through CHOICES and questioning my own life I have been able to change so much over the last 5 years…. so now its your turn and you can start right now by asking yourself “What will be my verse?”

“click this image for inspiration”

And because EOFY is just around the corner I thought I would offer you all an amazing soulful heart centred investment opportunity, of investing in yourself. I really want to support each and everyone of you to step onto your path of EXTRAordinary and so today I am offering a very special 50% off any session to the first 10 people to book in, in the next 48hours. The session date needs before the 15th July and is for new bookings only and so if you are already coming and seeing me in the next couple of weeks you don’t have to miss out why not book in an Energy Tune up or Accountability Session. You see the magical thing is that the more we open up to RECEIVE the more we receive more and can give more to the world and our life.

So the time is now, your life is now, what will be your verse and what will you create out of the EXTRAordinary life you have been given…..


Much EXTRAordinary Energy and Love, Kyla

PS. We have lots more free meditations booked in with our Mosman Meditators with Soul and so come on over and join our group Meetup click here

PPS. For regular clients will also notice that I have new prices which kick in from 1st July as its time to enter the world of GST.

PPPS. If you have a little voice inside telling you, you don’t have the time or money to spend on yourself then we definitely need to talk and here is some inspiration to kick those thoughts to the curb xxx

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